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Sherunda Rena’ founder and CEO: 

“Everyone’s struggle with infertility is unique and different just as much as their journey to being at peace or finding a solution. Some women struggle with polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis, or pregnancy loss while others like me have a multilayered story of what led to their barrenness. While I was thrilled to be a childhood cancer survivor, I had no idea that cancer would be the cause of my infertility. I tried desperately to put the concept of me being a mother out of my mind, but deep inside there was nothing I wanted more. So, like many others, I exhausted the options of having a surrogate, undergoing an in-vitro fertilization, or adopting. After countless attempts with IVF, I had given up on the solution that I believed was best. Luckily for me, my God is intentional and (on December 31, 2019) led me on the path to adopting my beautiful son, Malachi James. 

As the founding CEO of Miracles Other’s Make Incorporation, I started this nonprofit not only to empower those who share similar experiences but educate our communities on the sensitivities revolving this battle. When should you have that candid conversation about infertility with your significant other? How do you explain to your family and friends that you are having a baby although you are not “birthing” a baby? I have been where you are, and the exciting news is you do not have to do it alone. MOM Inc. is a safe place that offers a community of support from anticipating, new, and experienced mothers as well as access to resources (for adopting, fostering, or surrogacy).”

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